Columbus’ daughters

Today I pulled my hair out studying for exams. World History may be the end of me. I guess we will find out when marks come out. I learned a lot studying today. I learned that the French Colonies in the Americas were the friendliest. That Christopher Columbus was not the first to discover the […]

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Mandela who?

I can honestly say I almost had a heart attack when I heard about the passing of Nelson Mandela. Not because I was overwhelmed with shock — let’s face it — the man was 95 and spent half of his life in prison. I was surprised at the reaction of the people around me. Yes […]

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Inspire Me

Where has the world gone wrong with the idea of inspiration? When did we become so reliant on the world around us? We believe the accomplishments of others are far better than what we could ever come up with on our own. The term “pinspiration” is just one example of how influenced we have become […]

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