It takes time to figure things out

As the New Year begins you can’t help but notice all the social media posts about ‘resolutions’ or ‘defining the new me’. Well here is a blog to reason with all those public claims of self improvement.
Let me start by saying this, no matter what the resolution, or what the ideology you have sworn to live by, wether it be related to physical health, spiritual lifestyle, a work or educational goal, or something else, please remember this. It takes time.
The concept of creating a ‘new me’, frankly, is very over powering on behalf of your self. This simple term can consciously dominate your self being. You don’t need to create a ‘new me’. You need to appreciate the ‘me’ you already are and live it out. You are in control of your life. Only you. So forget the January magazine covers, Lifestyle news headlines and the blog posts. You don’t need advice on how to succeed and not fail in changing yourself. You need to remember that you are the only person who knows what it’s like to be you.
So I tell you, do not be discouraged. Everything takes time. You can be as driven toward a goal in life as you want, but if you just try to persist for the end result, you are going to miss out on the life in front of you. Don’t let the people of society rule who they think you should be, based on what you wear, or your relationship status or your employment opportunities. Reach for your future, but don’t forget to smell the roses. Maybe even pick them, and enjoy them, because the fact of that matter, is that they will grow again next season. The lessons you will experience on your journey is the ideal spirit that lives within you, waiting to be pursued by the only one who knows it. Ambitions created by yourself are not intended to be intense ‘life changing goals’, that will be pushed into societies most wanted category of look-a-likes. But a spirit ready to fulfill it’s duty to pump the heart, and revive the soul. Any doubts or mistakes are only proof that you are trying.


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