Columbus’ daughters

Today I pulled my hair out studying for exams. World History may be the end of me. I guess we will find out when marks come out. I learned a lot studying today. I learned that the French Colonies in the Americas were the friendliest. That Christopher Columbus was not the first to discover the New World. And a whole lot about the African Slave trade during Colonization.

Tonight when I logged on to the internet, my homepage came up and I saw an add for a special CNN is showing on December 14th. It is a part of their ‘Freedom Project’. It is a series of specials directed at ending modern day slavery.

We so often think that Slavery is a thing of the past. And I believe a lot of people in society today think that. For those people who don’t live under a rock, a lot of them think it is something that happens in other countries. And what can you do about it?

Modern day slavery is a sad reality. I was also one who thought of it as something that happens in other countries, but it happens here in North America, and in places like Europe too. My focus is on woman who’s mothers sell their daughters as sex slaves. I have a passion to make people aware of these girls and to somehow save them. I just need to find the first step.


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